Special trains between Guruvayur and Thrissur during Onam holidays

Thrissur: Special trains will be run between Guruvayur – Thrisur from 08.09.2019 to 15.09.2019 as detailed below. Train No.06127 Guruvayur – Thrissur special train will leave Guruvayur at 14.00 hrs. The train will reach Punkunnam at 14.20 hrs. and leave the station at 14.21 hrs. The train will arrive at Thrisur at 14.30 hrs.

Special trains between Nagercoil and Velankanni

Train No.06091 Nagercoil – Velankanni special train will leave Nagercoil at 12.55 hrs. on 31.08.2019 & 07.09.2019 and reach Velankanni at 02.00 hrs. the next day. Train No.06092 Velankanni – Nagercoil special train will leave Velankanni at 22.00 hrs. on 01.09.2019 & 08.09.2019 and reach Nagercoil at 10.45 hrs. the next day.