Special trains in in Pune – Ernakulam sector

Ernakulam: The following special trains will be run to clear the extra rush of traffic in Pune – Ernakulam sector: Train No. 01469 Pune – Ernakulam Jn. special train will leave Pune at 19.55 hrs. on 13 & 20 January, 2020 (Mondays) and reach Ernakulam Jn. at 00.15 hrs. on Wednesdays.

Indian Railways announces marginal increase in Passenger Fares

New Delhi: Indian Railways has decided to marginally effect an increase in fare. Keeping the affordability concerns of daily commuters, there shall be no fare hike for passengers over suburban sections and season ticket holders. This class constitutes 66% of total passenger segment over Indian Railways.

139 to take over all existing Railway helpline numbers

New Delhi: From 1st January 2020, Railway Grievances Helplines such as 138 ( for General Complaints), 1800111321 (for Catering Services), 1072 ( for accidents and safety), 152210 (for Vigilance), 58888 or 138 (for Clean my coach) and 9717630982 (for SMS Complaints) will be discontinued and an integrated railway helpline number 139 will take over allRead More