Train services to be affected from Jan 03-11 due to maintenance works at Perinad

Trivandrum: Machine enabled deep screening and tamping (track maintenance works) of rail crossover points at Perinad yard(station limits) will commence from 03rd January 2019. These works are scheduled during the night hours thereby causing minimal interference for day/commuter trains. In addition, meticulous planning and coordination amongst concerned departments viz. operating, engineering etc delivered in phasing outRead More

Rail maintenance work at Idapalli yard from Dec 21-24

Ernakulam: Due to Line Block to facilitate rail renewal and welding works at Idapalli yard, changes will be made in the pattern of train services on 21.12.2018, 22.12.2018, 23.12.2018 & 24.12.2018 as mentioned below: A. The following trains will have a late start as explained below.

Traffic regulation from Dec 14-19 for maintenance works at Karunagapally

Trivandrum: Deep screening of track structure by tamping machines effectively improves safety and durability of track points/crossings at station yards(Station limits). On completion of the ongoing tamping works at Sasthankotta yard, the machines will be shifted to expedite track maintenance works at Karunagapally yard from 14th December 2018. In this connection following traffic regulations will beRead More

Train traffic via Kottayam to be affected from Dec 12-23

Trivandrum: To facilitate traffic block for Yard Remodelling Works at Chingavanam Railway Station as a part of doubling works between Changanassery and Chingavanam, the following major changes in the pattern of train services will be introduced from 12th December 2018 to 23rd December 2018.